Life. Work. Values.

The first two are better when they’re aligned with the third.

Life is combination of beautiful and painful experiences. It’s filled with choices, challenges and changes, some of which can knock you down and leave you wondering if you will ever feel meaning, passion, and purpose again.

I believe you have the courage and wisdom to handle whatever you are facing and experience a life better than the one you are currently living, but I understand if you are feeling hesitant or scared.

During my fifteen years of listening to people’s stories as I helped them navigate the most complicated parts of life, I have heard nearly everyone say these three words…

I feel stuck.

Think about your life right now; your career, relationships, family, physical and emotional health…do you feel stuck in any of these areas?




Cups of Coffee

Too many people feel lost or stuck in some area of their life. I’ve been there myself, and have made it my mission to help people develop a deeper understanding of who they are and what’s most important to them so they don’t have to settle for an unfulfilling life or career.

It’s hard to make decisions when you’re feeling stuck, and when you finally begin to move forward, it can be difficult to know if you’re moving in the right direction.

I have accepted the irony that I’m good at helping people deal with the things in their life that I struggle with the most in my own life.

I’m familiar with the dark and scary forests we occasionally have to travel through in life, and if that’s where you currently find yourself, I am confident I can help you find your way to the other side where you will again see the light and feel like yourself.

You don’t have to be stuck anymore. Explore the information on this site and then contact me so I can help you get back to living your life.


During a time when it would have been easy to get swept up in the routine of life, Andy helped me reflect on my hopes, dreams, gifts, and purpose…allowing me to articulate what I need to feel balanced and whole.



How it works

The process I guide people through helps them get unstuck and back on the path to reclaiming the direction of their life. It’s inspired by the help I have received from people I trust and the years I have spent helping others, and it’s all based on a simple idea:

You are at your best when your life is aligned with your values.

I am happy to share some of the ways you can prepare yourself to do this work in your own life, but don’t forget this requires the help and support of people you trust.

You can’t do it alone. Life is a team sport.

If the ten steps to the right seem valuable and perhaps even needed in your life right now, you would probably benefit from working with me. 

My coaching process addresses all of the things above and will help you develop a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want…allowing you to focus on what’s most important in your life so you can face the opportunities and challenges in front of you.

If this sounds like something that would be helpful to you, I would love to answer any questions you have and help you determine if I would be a good fit for your personality, situation and budget. (If not, I promise not to take any of your money.)

  • Be Honest
  • Ask More Questions
  • Make Commitments (and honor them)
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Slow Down (breathe)
  • Form a Team
  • Quit Something
  • Figure Out What You Want
  • Write a Purpose/Mission Statement
  • Identity Your Core Values

“When I started coaching I was stuck in an unsatisfying career but couldn’t imagine making a change. My conversations with Andy helped me shed years of other people telling me who and what I needed to be and I now have an identity true to who I am…I live a life full of purpose, follow my passions, and have a career I love! 

Jacob, Minneapolis

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