Whether you’re an individual, business, nonprofit or team, there are options for how we can work together and get you into alignment.

The process clients are guided through helps them (re)discover who they are and what they want, allowing them to reclaim the direction of their life and career. It’s influenced by my training and experience helping people navigate life – as well as the coaching and support I have received from people I trust in my own life – and it is all based on a simple (but true) idea:

You are at your best when your life is aligned with your values.

There are two paths to alignment below. If you would like to focus on your personal identity, values and purpose, select Coaching for Individuals. If you are part of a team that could use help clarifying your mission, brand and plan, select Coaching with Organizations. And if you’d just like to chat and explore your options together, you can contact me anytime.

If you or your team are feeling out of alignment, I can help you remember what’s most important and realize what’s getting in the way.


“The coaching process helped me understand my priorities and what I value most in life, and Andy helped me to truly believe that I am good enough.”

Tyler, Minnetonka

"The coaching process helped me recognize the stories I had been telling myself for years and the power they held, and after discussing them with Andy, they lost that power, and in losing that power, I found I could show myself compassion. I could hardly believe it, but it happened again and again."

Lindsay, South Dakota

“Coaching helped me identify what is truly most meaningful to me (some of which surprised me) and incorporate them into my everyday thinking. It also helped me understand why I was feeling so stuck and find new direction in life, particularly my career. I am forever grateful for the coaching I received from Andy. It was well worth the time, money and effort involved.”

Andy, St Louis Park

"The coaching process with Andy helped me develop new ways to think about my professional life, better define my priorities, and articulate my life's purpose."

Bill, Minneapolis

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