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What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversational process driven by questions and stories that focuses on a person’s identity and purpose so they can reclaim the direction of their life and/or career.

How does the process start?

It begins with a conversation (“consultation”) to discuss your situation and learn how coaching would be helpful. This helps you and Andy determine if they’re a good fit, and if both of you decide to move forward, a coaching plan is developed and the process begins.

What does a typical “coaching plan” look like?

Most people complete the process within six or seven sessions over the course of two months.

What do people learn/get from Align’s coaching process?

In addition to increased self-understanding and vocational clarity, clients discover the following things about themselves:

  1. Current goal/focus
  2. Personality type and strengths (Enneagram, Meyers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder)
  3. Essential values
  4. Career anchor
  5. Purpose Statement (and a list of the “ingredients” needed to fulfill their purpose)

How long are coaching sessions and how much does coaching cost?

Coaching sessions are 75-90 minutes long and the cost of the “phase one” coaching package starts at $750.

Who is a good candidate for coaching?

The coaching process is helpful to anyone facing a big decision or transition in their career, or simply navigating the regular choices, challenges and changes in their life.

Do you offer "Life Coaching" or "Career Coaching" and what's the difference?

The process we guide people through looks at their life and career, but is focused more on their life (since you can have a life without a career, but not a career without a life). If you went through our coaching you wouldn’t complete career aptitude tests and may not even discuss your resume or strategies for interviewing, but you would understand your talents and passion and confidently talk/write about yourself; allowing you to make good career decisions, update your resume and handle difficult interview questions.

How does someone prepare for coaching?

Andy will provide the encouragement and structure to make the discoveries and choices you want/need to make, but it will only lead to meaningful self-discovery and lasting change if you are committed to the process and prepared to be honest while doing the work.

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